Research systems are available based on the commercial system. A research system uses collars with an enhanced data logging capable of storing activity and cow location in various configurations. The collars used in the research system have, in addition to satellite communication, a short range (up to 300 meter) RF communication link. The RF link enables quick downloading of data from the collar to a local computer. This arrangement allows herds' researchers to record detailed cow activity and use the information in their research.

Research system specifications:













* All modes will stop logging after the memory is full

** This mode is not sustainable under low sum conditions

*** Daily log contains copies of messages sent via satellite, this data is cyclic and old data is overwritten after 1 month of data is collected.






  • Collected data in CSV, excel compatible files

  • Low maintenance

  • Data download using RF at up to 300 meters away from the cow

  • High spatial resolution

  • High temporal activity resolution

  • Various data logging option

  • All the capabilities of the commercial product including daily satellite reports