Our team

MOOnitor is managed by four experienced professionals with significant knowhow in start-ups and large companies and in-depth knowledge of cow physiology and behavior.



                       Ilan Aviv |  CEO | 25 year of product engineering, vast international experience in high-tech companies from start-ups to multi millions organizations.  Co-partner in “Silicon Service”

Dr. Arnon Gat | Chairman | started his own company, now on NASDAQ, in addition to a significant sale to a large company.  This is his fifth startup company

Dr. Arieh Brosh | CTO | inventor of the technology, served as the head of the Department of Cattle at the Agricultural Research Organization Institute for twenty-five years and is world renown for his work with beef cattle.


Ran Malamud | VP S&M | twenty-five years of experience in technology and sales in the dairy industry.



Contact information:

Ilan Aviv | Email: ilan@moonitorcows.com

Tel: (+972) 54-253-7548