The HMS uses scientifically based algorithm to analyze the data collected on an individual cow and herd level. Using this information the system detects herd nutritional state, sickness events and reproduction events (estrus, conception date and expected calving date).






MOOnitor presents a system for remotely monitoring grazing beef cows.


The system uses field collars mounted on the cow’s neck and tracks the cows’ activity 24/7 using an inertial sensor and cow location, three times per day Using GPS.


The cow's activity is classified into: resting, grazing, walking.


A daily summary of the cow's activities and location are sent via satellite to herd management system (HMS).


remotely monitoring grazing beef cows.


  • Early sickness and epidemic detection

  • Estrus and expected calving date

  • Rugged design to withstand harsh outdoors environment

  • Noninvasive sensors

  • Unlimited range using a satellite link

  • 3 locations per day: expected morning and afternoon grazing and night resting

  • Nutritional energy balance

  • Pasture quality and quantity

  • Solar powered – no maintenance

  • outdoors environment

  • Actionable data on your smartphone (available everywhere

  • Easy to use data presentation