·Beef herd managed in unpredicted not monitoring environment. While optimizing herd performance is obliged well adjusting of cows nutritional state (forage quality and its’ intake) to cows reproduction and production states, as well as early detection of sickness events and cows’ reproduction events.  



  • Remote monitoring system


  • MOOnitor system measures and collects cows’ activity on a daily basis.


  • The system proces the data, based on the latest research, and calculate the herds' energy balance and pasture quality.


  • The system detects estrus and sickness in individual cows. All this data is delivered daily to computer or Smartphone


What inspired us creating the product?

Beef cows welfare directly affects the number of weaned calves. Studies shows that cows’ activity is correlated to the actually consumed, pasture quality and cows’ energy balance.


We developed the best tool to measure and analyze free grazing beef cattle activities. MOOnitor system puts in your hand hi-technology sensor combined with research based analysis designed to assist with the challenges of managing your herd in the ever changing conditions.


Product specifications:

Weight: 2.5 kg [5 pounds]

Operating time without sun: 7 days

Time to full charge: 2 hours under 1 sun conditions

Number of GPS locations per day: 3 at 7:00,15:00 and 23:00

GPS accuracy: 2.5m (8 feet) CEP